Welcome to Bloxar

Bloxar is a new exciting server filled with an incredible variety of games ranging from UHC to Skywars(Coming soon) to Parkour. It hosts an incredible growing community, with both commitments from staff and players to make your experience the best one you could wish for.

What makes our server unique?

Our brand-new survival server brings back the way Minecraft was supposed to be played, but with a brilliant community to play with. It is a semi-vanilla survival with a twist; in spawn, there is a market area where people can trade their items by opening a trade shop. This allows the community have a much better experience by either working together or even against each other.

Bloxors are a new currency that we will be implemetning shortly into the Bloxar server. This currency can be used to buy special ranks and perks in at our store. To earn Bloxors for yourself you can compete in our UHC, survival games, skywars competitions or vote for our server.

What are you waiting for?

Come join us!